Powering the UK
with renewable energy

innogy Renewables UK:
Portfolio in Operation and Construction

(Fully or partially owned. North Hoyle, Wales - operate and maintain only)

United Kingdom

In operation:

23 Hydroelectric 79.6MW
18 Onshore wind 394.7MW
5 Offshore wind 1583MW
In operation 2,057.30

In construction:

3 Onshore wind 155.45MW
1 Offshore wind 860MW
1 Hydroelectric 2MW
In construction 1,017.45

Total UK Capacity

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Total: 132.63MW

In operation:

14 Hydroelectric 29.38MW
5 Onshore wind 74.6MW
In operation 103.98

In construction:

1 Onshore wind 26.65MW
1 Hydroelectric 2MW
In construction 28.65


Total: 1,986.45MW

In operation:

2 Hydroelectric 6.75MW
12 Onshore wind 262.7MW
2 Offshore wind 857MW
In operation 1,126.45

In construction:

1 Onshore wind 860MW
In construction 860


Total: 957.06MW

In operation:

1 Hydroelectric 44.86MW
5 Onshore wind 57.4MW
3 Offshore wind 726MW
In operation 828.26

In construction:

2 Onshore wind 128.8MW
In construction 128.8

We are a leading renewable energy company, making our planet a better place.

We develop, construct, operate and generate renewable electricity, building a more sustainable energy future for the UK.



Our oldest project dates back some 100 years

We have more than:

600 employees in the UK



We built the 1st UK commercial scale offshore windfarm in 2004

UK Capacity

Our UK portfolio consists of interest in more than 3GW of renewable energy power plants.

In operation, this includes:

18 Onshore wind
394 MW installed capacity
23 Hydroelectric wind
79.6 MW installed capacity
5 Offshore wind
1583 MW installed capacity

In construction, this includes:

3 Onshore wind
155 MW installed capacity
1 Offshore wind
860 MW installed capacity
1 Hydroelectric
2 MW installed capacity

In development:

we also have a significant future pipeline which includes the 1.4GW Sofia offshore wind farm



Over the last 5 years we have delivered £4 billion worth of new renewable energy capacity (working independently or with partners)


Our future project pipeline is expected to lead to further investment of many more £ billions in new energy infrastructure

Community Investment

£3.6 million p.a. will be invested into the local communities which host our projects

100% decisions made by local people

Examples range from helping to build a new school, to helping the homeless with shelter, hot meals and food parcels

Sustainable Generation

1.6 million homes

Our portfolio in operation has the capacity to generate enough renewable electricity to meet the average needs of 1.6million UK homes

2.5 million homes

With our projects in construction, this will increase to some 2.5 million homes